Certified Balayage Expert

L’Oréal Professional Balayage Certification Program

The three steps to becoming a Certified Balayage Expert are Balayage Foundations, Balayage Advance, and Balayage Live. Time is scheduled between each of the course to enable the colorist to practice and gain competency in what was covered. The instructors in each course assist the colorist to refine their technique and improve their understanding. The final course, Balayage Live, is overseen by a master Balayage practitioner Nancy Braun. Nancy has been endeavoring to refine her Balayage technique for more than twenty years and now she is sharing her insights with those who are willing to commit time and money to learn.

Balayage Foundations: Denver, CO

Raine took her first step to pursue becoming a Certified Balayage Expert in her husband’s hometown of Denver, Colorado. Just like a building’s foundation is the base on which to build, so did what was covered. The instructors demonstrated and defined how Balayage highlights can be envisioned and uniquely placed with a sweeping application and sectioning.

Step One: Balayage Foundations

Balayage Advance: Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna Beach, California was a beautiful place for Raine to advance her understanding of Balayage highlighting. Building on the foundation of sweeping application and sectioning, multiple dimensional two-point applications and corrective applications were developed as well as alternative ways to place the highlights.

Step Two: Balayage Advance

Balayage Live: New York City, NY

The final step of the L’Oréal Professional Balayage Certification program is the three-day certification Balayage Live test-out. The test-out gave Rain the opportunity to demonstrate her mastery of the L’Oréal Professional Balayage method on both mannequins and live models. To personalize her live event, Rain chose a graying model for her demonstration. However, the class room was not the only place testing-out was done. New York City is a vibrant, beautify city. The people, the food, the Broadway play Finding Neverland, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art enriched her experience. Her cream was reaching the goal of becoming a Certified Balayage Expert.

Step Three: Balayage Live


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