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We collaborate, We educate, We celebrate


Each of us bring our talents and skills to the services we provide.  Yet we are willing to work jointly in order to provide the best service possible for each client.


Learning is a life long pursuit.  We willingly continue to hone our skills by traveling across the country to hair styling seminars and participating in in-salon training sessions.  Raine, the owner, gets train to not only provide superior services to her clients but to share her training with the Pura Vida Color Studio colorists Courtney, Christy, and Gabriel.  For example, Raine shared her training, with in-salon training sessions, to train Courtney, Christy, and Gabriel to become American Board Certified Haircolorists.  They all successfully became Certified Board Haircorists after passing the exam process that involved both written and hands-on demonstrations.


There many reasons to celebrate.  Sometimes we celebrate achievements of much hard work and sacrifice like all of us being Certified Board Haircolorists.  Sometimes we celebrate the beauty of the work we have provided a client.  Most of all we celebrate the good vibe we have amongst each other.  Pura Vida are two simple words that refer to this good vibe.  Pura Vida!

Pura Vida

Spanish means “pure life”.
If there’s wind, let the wind be upon you back.
If there’s sun, let the sun shine on you face.
If there’s rain, let the rain relax you spirt.
-As defined by the people of Costa Rica

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