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We Know the ABC’s of a Haircut

During the 2016 summer Gabriela, Christy, Sassoon Intstructor, Raine, and Courtney (Photo: left to right) went to the Sassoon Academy (Toronto, Canada) to be trained in the ABC’s of cutting hair the Sassoon Way.  The ABC’s of a haircut are Lines (A), Graduation (B), and Layers (C).

Lines (A) were the trendy look in the 1960’s.  Graduation (B) became the stronger trend in the early 1970’s.  Layers (C) were developed in the late 1970’s to achieve the free flowing styles that became the trend. Just as these techniques developed in response to prevailing trends, variations of the ABC’s have developed more and more sophistication with the passing of time.

More about the ABC’s of a Haircut……

Gabriela, Christy, Instructor, Raine and Courtney holding their ABC Cutting Diplomas

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